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The growth and development of young people is vital to the sustainability and continued advancement of our society. Therefore, it is essential that we provide them with high quality programs, opportunities, and experiences as they transition into adulthood. With a strong focus on positive outcomes, community service, mentoring and leadership, the Village of Grace provides children and youth-based programs and supports to more than 1,000 young people each year.


Some of our key programs include: 

• Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts & Girl Scouts 

• Girl Talk Leadership & Mentoring Program 

• Guys for Guys Mentoring Program 

• Youth Leadership Forum





With a deep rooted belief that there is nothing more important than education to ensure one’s future, the Village of Grace invests heavily in programs and services that promote, support and enrich educational opportunities for children, youth, and adults from underserved communities. One of our premier youth programs is the Grace CDF Freedom School®, a six-week summer enrichment program for more than 600 children and youth, Kindergarten through 12th grade.


Some of our other educational enrichment programs and services include: 

• Adult Literacy Program 

• Grace Academic & Tutoring Services 

• Grace After School Program 

• Grace College & Career Alliance Program 

• Grace Scholarship Program




The Village of Grace focuses on “Health Awareness and Prevention” to educate and raise awareness amongst disadvantaged populations about the various health disparities and diseases that plague underserved communities. These programs work to help individuals and communities reach positive and informed health outcomes as they pursue of a better quality of life.


Some of these key programs include: 

• Health Education Program 

• Seniors on the Move 

• Stroke For Hope 

• Annual 5K Run/Walk 

• Weekly Zumba Classes 

• Aerobics/Body Conditioning




Music, Arts & Culture play a significant role in the lives of individuals and families. The Village of Grace works diligently to provide underserved populations with access to unique opportunities that enhance their quality of life.


These include: 

• Art/Artist Exhibition Program 

• Grace Literary Arts Program 

• Grace Performance Choirs led by Derrick L. James 

• Children’s Choir (Ages 3 - 11) 

• Voices of Grace (Ages 12-17) 

• Young Adult Choir (Ages 18-35)

• Male Chorus 

• Grace Cathedral Choir  

• Grace School of Music

• Harrigan Educational & Cultural Center at Grace




With nearly 400 units of affordable and senior housing constructed, and other developments on the way, the Village of Grace is helping to change the face of the City of Mount Vernon. Additionally, with some of its key community-focused programs, it has helped to improve the quality of life for more than 2,000 individuals and families by providing them with a safer community and spacious, attractive places to call home.


To-date these housing developments and community empowering programs include: 

• Grace House 

• Richard H. Dixon Towers (Grace Plaza I) 

• Randy Daniels Towers (Grace Plaza II) 

• Franklin Crest Condominiums 

• Social Justice & Advocacy Program 

• Snug Anti-Guns/Violence Program 

• Peackeepers Anti-Violence Program 

• Grace Terrace – Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson Building




The Village of Grace helps individuals and families pursue economic self- sufficiency by providing employment training and services that help them achieve their lifelong ambitions. Through the Workforce Development program, participants are given the tools they need to become productive members of society.


Some of these employment services include: 

• Resume/Interview Skills-Building Workshops 

• Job Search Preparation 

• Career Counseling 

• Urban Youth Job Training Program 

• Social Media Training 

• Computer Skills-Building Program 

• Technology Investment & Preparation Program


Village of Grace Programs

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