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Ujamaa Community Development Corporation (Ujamaa CDC) IRS 501 (C) (3), was founded in 1997 under the leadership of W. Franklyn Richardson, the senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church.  Named for the fourth of Kwanzaa’s seven principles, cooperative economics- Ujamaa CDC was established with the ovations of leaders locally and nationally to serve as a catalyst for economic and community Development in providing programs and services in the areas of children and youth development, educational enrichment, health awareness and prevention, housing and community Development, music, arts and culture, and workforce development.


Ujamaa CDC enjoys a long standing relationship with the Mount Vernon and Westchester County municipalities.  Over the years, Ujamaa CDC collaborated with Westchester County in implementing the Westchester County Youth Bureau Invest in Kids (WCYB IIK) After School program 2011- current; The Ryan White Title I Interfaith HIV Awareness Program; and Welfare to Work program underwritten by the Westchester County Department of Social Services as well as the City of Mount Vernon.


Our Mission

The mission of Ujamaa CDC is to provide leadership and form partnership with public and private institutions to improve the quality of life for Mount Vernon residents by, combat poverty and expanding opportunities for persons of low and moderate income. Goals and Objectives to address the need of: Education Enhancement, Health Awareness and Prevention, Job Training and Career Development.

The goals of Ujamaa CDC focus to combat poverty and deprivation by expanding opportunities, Education Enrichment, Health Awareness and Prevention, Home Ownership and Housing Development, Job Training and Career Development and Economic Revitalization to improve the quality of life for individuals and families of low income status within Mount Vernon.

Our Objectives

To provide evidenced-based year round program activities that support children, youth and family. To incorporates the Eight Essential Elements of Effective Youth Development settings that serve as quality standards for youth programs:

  • Physical & Psychological Safety

  • Appropriate Structure

  • Supportive Relationship

  • Opportunities to Belong

  • Positive Social Norms

  • Support for Efficacy and Mattering

  • Opportunity for Skill Building

  •  Integration of Family, School & Community Efforts

About Us

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